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It’s on the line.

Of course it’s better for the environment. But that’s just the starting point. Weed Recede SustainaLine is a sustainable solution to the millions of feet of trimming line that washes into our waterways and oceans.

Weed Recede® Products

SustainaLine is a novel solution that eliminates millions of microplastics created while trimming your lawn. Works just like traditional trimming line then disappears in soil and marine environment.

Cut back on plastic waste while blocking weeds with Fresh Mulch. Our patented bioplastic film provides season-long weed control while slowly biodegrading. Micro-perforations in the film allow moisture to reach the roots of your plants while keeping the weeds away.

Create a visually stunning sustainable weed blocking border with EcoBoundary.® These rock bags are easy to install and reduce plastic waste because the bag is the weed barrier. They come in two different sizes for all types of applications and ground cover.

Our easy open biodegradable bag is the fastest and easiest way to install weed barrier in your garden and flower beds. Just open the bag, place the soil and plant right through the bag.  

The fastest, easiest way to lay a paver base and weed barrier, our Speedy Paver system is easy to install and does not add plastic bag waste. The bags are made of a heavy duty weed blocking material. Installs in minutes.

Traditional splash blocks can move and erosion is often a common problem. Gutter Guppy downspout diffusers stay in place and significantly reduces erosion.

Patented All in One Weed Barrier Mulch Bag System from Weed Recede.

Fresh Mulch disappearing mulch bag system. The bag that blocks weeds.

Our ground-breaking technology reduces herbicides, helps block weeds, retains moisture and is friendly to honey bees and other pollinators. Weed Recede is protected by 6 Utility Patents and multiple Worldwide Patents Pending.

Think it doesn’t matter?

One billion plastic mulch bags would circle the earth over 20 times every year. Together, we can make a real impact and eliminate single use plastic mulch bag waste. 

Purposeful packaging™

Billions of single use plastic mulch bags are not accepted in the recycling stream and are destined for landfills and waterways and oceans every year. At Weed Recede, we see a better way. 

  • Helps minimize weeds in your landscape. Best weed control with our weed barrier mulch bags
  • Helps retain moisture in your landscape beds. A great sustainability solution.
  • Use less mulch! This bag helps control weeds so you don’t have to apply as much mulch.
  • Simplifies mulch installation. No ripping, shaking, and dumping plastic mulch bags.
  • Reduce herbicide use. Weed blocking mulch bags = less pulling/spraying weeds.
  • Consistent depth. No hassle spreading mulch piles in your landscape beds.
  • Reduce your impact on the environment. No plastic bags going to the landfill and waterways.
  • Proprietary materials and opening system ensure a bag that is up to the task.
  • Folks prefer Weed Recede bags to sheet mulch. It’s easier to install and lasts longer than paper
See for yourself

Does Weed Recede work?

The future of plastics is here.

A beautiful solution that reduces single-use plastic waste.


ASTM D5988



ASTM D6691


Meet Bob Hawkinson

Founder & CEO

After decades of experience in the garden and green industry, Bob Hawkinson realized that the mountains of plastic waste created by the agriculture industry was a problem he could no longer ignore. After years of extensive research, he realized that a truly marine and soil biodegradable plastic didn’t exist. So Bob went to work with the best and brightest in the biodegradable plastic industry and invented his own line of patented products to address this global problem.

Weed Recede is actively seeking commercial partners

Our patented products are available for licensing.

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