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11 Simple Secrets A Homeowner Should Know to Help Stop Weeds Dead in Their Tracks.   

From your friends at…WEED RECEDE® Secrets of the professionals now available to the homeowner.


11. Check your plants for weeds when buying them from the nursery. It is common for weeds to hitch hike in pots. Weeds from pots multiply.  Make sure to remove and dispose of weeds before installing new plants into your landscape. 

10. Pull and remove weeds from the landscape when they are small. It is much faster and easier to remove weeds when they are immature. Weed control early is the best weed control.

9. Don’t let weeds grow, mature, and go to seed.  You will deal with their “relatives” later in the season if you do.

8. Throw them away! Remove weeds you pull from the bed. Sometimes Homeowners will pull weeds and leave them in the bed or lawn to die. Get weeds and their seeds out of your beds!

7. Over time, weeds will grow in soil and organic mulch that is decomposing on top of  plastic weed barrier cloth. This isn’t a problem with Weed Recede soil compostable mulch bags. We don’t recommend non-compostable plastic weed cloth when using wood or organic mulch.

6.  Maintain a layer of organic mulch in your landscape beds.  Be careful not to bury the “crown” of the plants when mulching.  Re-cover any bare areas that may be disturbed during the season.

5.  Remove and treat invasive weeds quickly by pulling or spraying. Some weeds in shrubs such as Torpedo grass, Bermuda grass, Featherleaf Crabgrass, vines, and others may require multiple applications or treatment with selective herbicides available only to Professionals.

4.  Consistently edge your beds with a blade edger especially if your landscape beds border creeping grasses. Keep your turf in the lawn where it belongs.

3.  Post emergent herbicides work!  Please use caution when applying as they kill or harm most of the plants they land on.

2.  Don’t over water! 1-2x a week in the growing season is usually plenty in most climates. Try to simulate rainfall. Run zones longer to penetrate the root zone.  Run irrigation longer, and less often. Over watering encourages weeds.

1.  Stay with it! Use Weed Recede® to help suppress weeds in your beds. In addition, if you walk every landscape bed every few weeks, it wont take much effort, your landscape will stay Beautiful, and it will require less time to manage in the long run.

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