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September 15, 2022
Weed Recede® FAQ’s……Frequently Asked Questions What are the benefits…why should I use Weed Recede®? It appears, from all the industry information we can gather, well over 2 Billion plus plastic mulch, rock, sand, soil, shell, and rubber mulch bags are destined for landfills, waterways, and ocean in the U.S. each year. Worldwide, the number is even more staggering....
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From your friends at…WEED RECEDE® Secrets of the professionals now available to the homeowner. WEEDRECEDE®  11. Check your plants for weeds when buying them from the nursery. It is common for weeds to hitch hike in pots. Weeds from pots multiply.  Make sure to remove and dispose of weeds before installing new plants into your landscape. 10. Pull and remove weeds...
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