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September 16, 2022
Press Release Landscaper Brothers Patent New Technology To Reduce Weeds, Make Laying Mulch Easier, And Eliminate Plastic Mulch Bags From The Dump… “We Realized That An Estimated 2 Billion Plus Single Use Plastic Mulch Bags Are Destined For The Landfill In Just The U.S. Every Year. Homeowners Who Are Just Trying To Improve Their Home...
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Soil Compostable Bags and Non-Compostable Bags…why have more than 1? Weed Recede® Soil Degradable Bags for Organic Mulches Our soil compostable bags are the best solution for organic mulches. (Wood, Compost, Soils etc.) The reasons are many, but here are just a few.  No Layering….as organic mulch bags soil degrade by microbial action, they return to the soil....
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