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Our story

Four decades later

After four decades in the commercial landscape industry, Bob Hawkinson knew there had to be a better way. It made no sense to throw away billions of single use plastic bags. Bob posed this question. Why can’t you make the package as the product?  Since then, Bob has been dedicated to finding a better way and the answer is Weed Recede.

Innovation is at our core

We work with industry leaders to research and develop amazing consumer and agricultural products.

Available for licensing

Weed Recede is actively seeking partners in manufacturing, retail and distribution of patented and patent-pending products.

Plastic is not fish food

Fish and aquatic life eat the plastic which can cause all kinds of problems for our fishy friends.

Protect wildlife

Unlike regular polymers, we do not create persistent plastic particulate pollution.

Disappears in soil

Over time, Weed Recede disappears in soil, consumed by hungry microbes.

Disappears in water too!

It’s amazing, even aquatic microbes love Weed Recede. Nom, nom.

Single-use plastic is a scourge. It's filled our landfills, rivers and oceans. Persistent plastic particulate pollution contaminates soil and marine environments.

Weed Recede is dedicated to the elimination of single-use plastic in consumer and commercial agricultural products. Of course it’s better for the environment, but our products also make life easier for consumers and commercial clients alike.

0 million
tons of plastic agricultural waste each year
0 million
bits of microplastic of trimming line each minute
want companies to reduce plastic waste in packaging
want companies to reduce their carbon footprint

Purposeful Packaging™

We're more than a bioplastics company. We're creating products and brands that will revolutionize an industry which has relied on old-fashioned, harmful and wasteful materials for decades.

Our core principles

Tell the truth

Our soil & marine biodegradable bioplastic is laboratory-tested and our claims are proven. We’re not about green-washing we’re out to change the world.

Make better choices

Reduce environmental impact. It’s not just single-use plastic we are out to eliminate. It’s herbicides, fertilizers and paper products too.

Look beyond

Innovation is hard. Really hard. But we are continually improving our products and creating brands that are better for people and our planet.

Meet Bob Hawkinson

Founder & CEO

After decades of experience in the garden and green industry, Bob Hawkinson realized that the mountains of plastic waste created by the agriculture industry was a problem he could no longer ignore. After years of extensive research, he realized that a truly marine and soil biodegradable plastic didn’t exist. So Bob went to work with the best and brightest in the biodegradable plastic industry and invented his own line of patented products to address this global problem.

The future of plastics is here.

A beautiful solution that reduces single-use plastic waste.


ASTM D5988



ASTM D6691


Weed Recede is actively seeking commercial partners

Our patented products are available for licensing.

Interested? Contact Bob Hawkinson at (904) 699-0046 to discuss how we can work together.

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