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Why are plastic mulch bags a problem in the environment?

Plastic mulch bags can be harmful to the environment in several ways. One issue is that they can take a long time to break down. Plastic can take hundreds of years to break down in the environment, and during that time it can release harmful chemicals and pollutants into the soil and water.

Another issue is that plastic mulch bags can litter the landscape. If they are not properly disposed of, they can end up in rivers, streams, and oceans, where they can harm wildlife and contribute to the problem of plastic pollution. They create Persistent Plastic Particulate Pollution when escaped into the environment.

Finally, plastic mulch bags can also contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. The production and transportation of plastic requires energy, and when plastic is discarded in landfills, it can produce methane, a potent greenhouse gas.

There are alternatives to regular polyplastic mulch bags, such as soil and water biodegradable weed barrier mulch bags from WeedRecede , that can be a more environmentally friendly option.