Patented Weed Barrier Mulch Bags
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 Zero Waste
Weed Barrier Mulch Bag System

New Technology.....
The Bag Helps Block Weeds!

                                                   (Protected by 2 Utility Patents)


Rock Bags--Rock Beds made Easy!             


ColorPocket™  INSTANT FLOWER BEDS              

EcoBoundary™ An Elegantly Simple Rock Border   

           Paver Underlay--Speedy Paver Projects  

are people saying about
Weed Recede®?


"Oh my Gosh, This Makes Perfect Sense! Why Didn't I think of That?."

Multiple Product Applications
  • Compostable Bags for Organic Mulch in Landscape Beds

  • Weed Cloth Bags for Rock and Inorganic mulch. Shell, Rubber, Sand, etc.

  • ColorPocket™ ....Instant Flower Beds...Open Bag Flat and Plant right Through Bag for Flowers and Gardens

  • Weed Cloth Bags ..Speedy Paver Underlay and Weed Barrier Installation

  • EcoBoundary™ ...Fast and Easy Rock Border/Weed Barrier Installation

  EcoBoundary™ an easy way to install a rock border and weed barrier around your home or building. 

Soon to be available in a market near you....

Help eliminate the estimated 2 Billion plus plastic Mulch/Soil/Rock bags from entering the U.S. waste stream every year!

Benefits of using Weed Recede® Zero Waste
Weed Barrier Mulch Bag System
  • Helps minimize weeds in landscape . Best Weed Control with our Weed Barrier Mulch Bags
  • Helps retain moisture in your landscape beds. A great sustainability solution.
  • Use less mulch!  Bag helps control weeds so you don't have to apply mulch as thick.
  • Simplifies mulch installation. No ripping, shaking, and dumping plastic mulch bags.
  • Consistent depth. No hassle spreading mulch piles in your landscape beds.
  • Reduce herbicide use. Weed Block Mulch Bags = less pulling/spraying weeds.
  • Reduce your impact on the environment. No plastic bags going to the landfill.
  • Proprietary materials and opening system ensure a bag that is up to the task.
  • Easier than Sheet Mulching. Folks prefer Weed Recede Bags to Sheet Mulch.
   Makes Mulch Installation Much Easier....
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