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Destroy your weeds, not your planet.

Press Release

Landscaper Brothers Patent New Technology To Reduce Weeds, Make Laying Mulch Easier, And Eliminate Plastic Mulch Bags From The Dump…

“We Realized That An Estimated 2 Billion Plus Single Use Plastic Mulch Bags Are Destined For The Landfill In Just The U.S. Every Year. Homeowners Who Are Just Trying To Improve Their Home And Reduce Weeds By Mulching Are Really Impacting The Environment. By Creating A Soil Degradable Mulch Bag That Opens Flat, Homeowners Can Now Place The Entire Mulch Bag In Their Landscape Bed, Pull A Few Tabs, Open The Bag, Spread The Mulch Over The Bag, And Help Fight Weeds For A Good Part Of The Season. So Says Bob Hawkinson, One Of The Co-Owners Of Weed Recede® Patented Mulch Bags. 

As New Materials Have Developed In The Marketplace, The Concept Has Seen Many Improvements. New Plastics Are Becoming Available Along With Coatings That Make The Idea Work. It’s a very cool product that makes sense. It’s Weed Control In A Bag.

“Since We Have Had 3 + Decades Of Landscape Industry Experience, We Understood The Need To Come Up With A Sustainable Solution For Weed Control. Homeowners Struggle To Maintain A Beautiful Home And Our New Product Just Helps Make It Easier For Them”…Says Bob

Homeowners Can Often Use Less Mulch Too!  Many People Try To Bury Their Weeds By Putting Down Mulch At Up To 4 Inches Deep. That Often Is Detrimental To The Plants In Their Beds. Over Mulching Also Requires You To Spend A Lot More Money And Labor. Using This New Product, Homeowners Can Use A 2 Inch Or So Depth Of Mulch And The Bag Assists With Weed Suppression. The Bags Also Help With Moisture Retention. Overall, It’s Just An Eco-Friendlier Solution. 
Weed Recede® Just Received A 4th Utility Patent For This New Technology, And There Are Multiple Patents Pending.  

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