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How to use Weed Recede


Our tested blend of Proprietary Bio Plastics ensure a bag that is up to the task, saving you time and labor during the landscape season! Many folks like that Weed Recede is much easier than Sheet Mulching..and our Proprietary plastics  hold up much better than Sheet Mulch. The Bag Color Matches the Mulch Color so you’re less likely see the Bag!

By buying Weed Recede bagged mulch products, you have helped eliminate some of the estimated 2 Billion plus plastic mulch/soil  bags that enter the United States waste stream every year.

Using our soil degradable bags, you avoid the problems that plague plastics or weed cloth when installing organic mulch. “Weed Recede®” will Naturally soil degrade with no Layering problems next season!  You can feel comfortable knowing that not only are you helping to naturally reduce weeds in your landscape beds, but you are also positively impacting the environment. Less work-Less Impact!…..A win for you and your environment. One of the best Natural Weed Control methods.

Bed Preparation: Before laying “Weed Recede Weed Suppression System”, weeds should be either removed and/ or treated with a non selective herbicide. You may choose to skip this step, however, your success may be reduced. The “Weed Recede Weed Suppression System” will perform much better when starting with a clean bed.​

When your mulch beds border creeping grasses such as Bermuda grass, or St. Augustine grass etc., we recommend that you edge your bed lines with a blade edger to help minimize grass/weed encroachment. This process should be repeated throughout the season as often as is necessary to stop creeping grasses.

You should see a reduction in weed pressure in your landscape beds. However, in certain climates, it may be necessary to still pull or treat weeds with a non-selective herbicide such as Round-up® or Finale®. However, you should see reduced time, effort, and chemical use to manage the weeds in your beds during the season.

How to use The “Weed Recede® Weed Suppression System

First, estimate how many bags of “Weed Recede” you will need. You can use an estimated 8 square feet of coverage for each bag of “Weed Recede Disappearing Mulch Bags” (4″overlap”).  
Example: 240 sq. feet divided by 8 sq. feet = 30 “Weed Recede” Weed Suppression Mulch Bags.

After bed is weeded and cleaned, place “Weed Recede” Weed Suppression Mulch Bag flat in the bed and use the easy opening perforation system to open.  Open bag flat and place the  bag in bed where you want it. Push mulch over bag to cover.

​​Leave a 4″ or so overlap over each bag so as to improve weed control. Repeat….new bag should be place 4″over previously placed bag. 

At  8 square feet, mulch will cover approximately 2” + deep. Since the bag suppresses weeds, your landscape may require less mulch depth. ..which is good news for your plants, ….and your wallet!

For tree rings and curves or unusual shapes, you can tear/cut/fold and/or place pieces of the bag and then place mulch on top of the torn or cut pieces. You can also fold the bag under in places in order to achieve unusual shapes such as tree rings.

“Weed Recede” Weed Suppression system is designed to naturally help reduce weeds in your landscape beds. It is built to help minimize the time it takes to apply your mulch. By reducing weeds in your beds, you reduce the time and effort spent maintaining your landscape gardens. Seasonal weed suppression..much more naturally.

Recommendations: When storing bags, we recommend you store them out of the weather and/or moisture and direct sunlight… and not for extended lengths of time. Install “Weed Recede” disappearing mulch bags as soon as you can after purchase in order to get the maximum time of weed suppression from our Patented system.They are designed to degrade and will do so if not used timely. 

Should mulch move in the bed and expose the ground cover bag, we recommend re-covering and touching up these areas. Also, it is considered best to keep mulch away from and off of all buildings.Caution: All wood mulch and bags can be flammable….do not get near flame or cigarettes.

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